What the hell is a gutterzombie???!?

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What the hell is a gutterzombie???!?

Postby Zombie Dave McCaig » Sat Mar 29, 2003 3:15 pm

Welcome to the site!

Now. What's a gutterzombie?

Well...me for one.

Anyone who finds themselves painting or coloring at 3:00 am on a Saturday night to make a deadline. Late at night under the eerie glow of the monitor, and hopped up on industrial coffee, you too, my friend, probably look like a zombie. Comic pages have gutters. So together, thru the magic of comic book level science, the gutterzombie is born.

As a gutterzombie, I hope you will post tons of stuff, and use the site to have some fun and unwind a bit.

Now,with that in mind. I should warn you that in order to keep the fun alive on this site, trolls will be swiftly banned. Yeah, that's right. Folks who have lots to say but nothing to back it up, or just cause trouble, I'll ban. I've seen too many great forums tank because of only one or two rotten apples. So there won't be any of "them" here for long.

Keep it respectful, (relatively) tasteful, and if you have a crit for someone, back it up!

This way, we'll all have fun and enjoy!
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