Aaaar Elsevilla's pirate + new style!!

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Aaaar Elsevilla's pirate + new style!!

Postby Seed » Thu Aug 07, 2003 8:18 am

Hey guys!
Tried a new style ..a lil bit of danimation and a some seed et voila :D
Wanted to practice the stlye on the character....maybe there'll folllow a background as well. This background helps to set the focus on the character :D

Pencils: Elsevilla
Colors: Me


Enjoy it and tell me your crits.

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Postby MBirkhofer » Thu Aug 07, 2003 10:40 am

Very good, Seed.

This biggest things that come to mind on this are things I'd have to talk to Hector about.

For your colors, I do see a few things.

The green of the pants could be broken up a bit. Maybe yellow up the main light source, or blue up the secondary from below. Give some blue to the shadow tones. All the tones on the image are pretty uniform to the local color. Shirt is all the same red, skin is all the same flesh. For comics relying on that base tone often can work, as with panels you really are using suggestion more then full rendering. If you tried using too much secondary lighting conditions too much, it just get chaotic and messy. But this is a pinup. And you are using a fairly painted method.

Second, I think you are making the cut of the muscles a bit too much.
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