When I mentioned "

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When I mentioned "

Postby ylq » Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:41 am

When I mentioned "the rivers and lakes", I remembered the situation of being obsessed with martial arts novels when I was a child. It was a cold winter season, and there was a icy winter rain outside the house. The winter wind was unscrupulously blowing, and the whole village was cold. Surrounded by this, but for the mountain people, it is not a bad thing, but the village is more harmonious, the neighbors next door walked the door, pull home, eat food. It��s a big blessing to me. I can��t think about tea, don��t dare to call my parents, and watch my martial arts novels in the quilt all day. Look at the sword, the light sword, the heroic style, look at the laughter, the enmity, the open-minded life, see the heroes, the righteousness, the help of the community, the love of the deep and the righteousness of the righteous gentleman Marlboro Gold, see the love at first sight, bloody romance, do not count the fame and fortune to see the life, see the waves of the world disappeared. The rivers and lakes are magnificent, and the outsiders are envious of them growing up in the mountains. My rivers and lakes are the whole villages and the mountains, rivers and fields intertwined with each other. They are accompanied by cattle and sheep every day Newport Cigarettes, running on the rocks of the river ditch, using the physical strength and sensibility that match the age. Parent's assistant, plowing, sowing, fertilizing, weeding, harvesting. At a young age, it has become a river and lake in the mountains. This river is simple, uncontested, and narrow. In the small rivers and lakes, I know the simplest rivers and lakes: "One work, one harvest." At that time, I always had a longing for the bigger rivers and lakes, eager for a wonderful life. I have a mysterious worship of the rivers and lakes in the villages in the mountains Parliament Cigarettes. The older elders always like to get together in their leisure time and talk about their rivers and lakes. I am always the most loyal listener to the rivers and lakes. I listened carefully to their turbulent rivers and lakes from beginning to end, relishing and enjoying it, just like watching martial arts novels. The most heard was the life of Zeng Dabo's rivers and lakes. He was born on the eve of liberation. At that time, there was no war in the battle. Waiting for liberation, but the country is poor, the people are suffering, and they are not hunger. He volunteered to join the army and went to the battlefield. Fortunately, he did not die. The May 9th disaster, the people are not living, and the hunger is everywhere. The Cultural Revolution, a decade of turmoil, he was powerless and unwilling to pay. Reform and opening up, reopening the new chapter, but unfortunately he is also weak Newport 100S. This kind of story of the rivers and lakes, I listened once, moved once, destiny, so wonderful. I always hope to learn more and more wonderful rivers and lakes from them. I respect them so much. I have grown up with stories Marlboro Lights. I am looking forward to a bigger river, a yearning world, a towering building, and gorgeo
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