uses three-dimensional motion

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uses three-dimensional motion

Postby Labi1995 » Thu May 23, 2019 6:30 pm

Video analysis won’t necessarily tell you which specific problem or imbalance exists, but rather, it provides images of how your body moves as a result of these particular imbalances. A common example of gait irregularity is associated with dysfunction of the tibialis posterior muscle, which is a frequent cause of foot, leg and knee injury. One end of this muscle attaches on the bones Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink in back of the leg and the other end in numerous locations of the bottom of the foot. The tibialis posterior supports the medial arch, and significantly controls ankle and foot movements. Specifically, it stabilizes the back, middle and front of Nike Air Vapormax Womens the foot while it’s on the ground during the run. A video analysis may demonstrate the abnormal gait associated with this muscle problem. The atypical foot mechanics associated with tibialis posterior muscle dysfunction may include excessive dropping of the medial arch—abnormal pronation—or other erratic motions observed when the foot hits the ground. After observing these movements on video, a follow-up assessment involves a precise evaluation of the tibialis posterior muscle (and perhaps other potential causes of the irregular gait) followed by an appropriate therapy that restores Nike Air Max 270 Femme normal muscle function (such as the various techniques used in rehabilitation, physical therapy, or massage). In many cases, positive gait changes can be observed once the tibialis posterior muscle (in this case) is corrected, which can sometimes be Nike Air Max 90 Mujer in one or two treatments. In other cases requiring more therapy, a slower improvement in gait would follow.But not everyone who pronates has this particular problem. Consider another runner with the same excessive pronation when the foot strikes the ground. In this case the cause of pronation may be dysfunction of the psoas muscle in the pelvis. The psoas attaches to the front of the lower spine, going through the pelvis and hooking on to the upper part of the inner thigh bone (the femur); and though it’s a primary flexor of the hip, it also affects leg rotation. Psoas dysfunction can Nike Air Max 270 Hombre result in the lower limb rotating outward too much causing the medial arch of the foot to fall excessively inward on impact—abnormal pronation. As often occurs after video analysis, by encouraging a runner to keep the leg from rotating too much, or Nike Air Max 90 Dam point the toes more forward rather than too far out may seem logical, but this can put significant stress on other muscles potentially triggering an injury in a different location, such as a muscle strain that affects the knee joint. Just as important, if this is the only recommendation, the psoas dysfunction remains untreated.
Physical therapist Jay Dicharry, Director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator at the University of Virginia, uses three-dimensional motion analysis systems in his state-of-the-art facility to digitally reconstruct the individual’s Nike Free Run 2.0 Mujer body as a multi-segment system. In a recently published paper in the journal, Clinics in Sports Medicine (2010), he describes part of this assessment procedure: “After infrared markers are placed at specific anatomic landmarks, their position is Nike Air Max 90 Femme Rose triangulated by cameras to calibrate the individual into the system.A video analysis of your gait can have the greatest value if a trained professional performs the test and interprets the images. There are individuals with diverse educational and professional backgrounds who are experts in this field, including kinesiologists, physical therapists, Nike Air Force 1 Womens medical doctors, chiropractors and others engaged in sports medicine. But the video is only part of what is often a complex process—a full evaluation might include postural analysis, physical examination, blood tests, and assessment of other Nike Air Vapormax Donne aspects of your life that could directly or indirectly impact on gait. This might also include exercise schedules, diet, nutritional status, and the types of shoes you wear during sport, leisure, and work.
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