I still remember the

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I still remember the

Postby ylq » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:43 pm

I still remember the picture clearly Cigarette Wholesale, the towering tree that I saw as the only one to rely on, suddenly yelling at me, the picture that wants my head to break the blood, his absolutely hurt posture and the sultry voice, Like a slow-motion lens that is zoomed in, it��s his decisiveness and madness. In the moment, the heart is grayed out, and the heart is gray. It��s just a must. The soreness of the heart is wrapped in a deep and unbelievable. Nothing else, no more than a long time of pain. The trees that shelter the wind and rain, year after year in the spring and autumn, whether it is the summer sun or the winter frost, he always stands beside me, with his body, and I am born with the warmth of winter and summer. This sense of security is the world of indifference, the road that I have gained, which leads to all happy life. Therefore, I unloaded all the sharp edges and corners that I used to protect myself, and packed up the state of mind that had been washed and broken by the rushing years, and I was throwing a heart. I used to be strong and tightly bound to a lonely self. The more and more distant, gradually, in the memory, I couldn��t see the big tree. I gave all the trust and completely depended on him. I have been imagining the years ahead. I thought that I and him would only be Ren Hai Sang Tian, ??the world changed, and they will always rely on each other and comfort each other. I never thought that I used to protect me and save my big tree. There will be this day. It is him. It gave me the most deadly blow. If I knew this result, I would rather not give him what I gave him. A little bit warm and caring. I have gotten the pain of suffering lost in the future, far better than never getting it. My world, I have nothing at all, but this tree, I saw the distance, because he, I tasted the sweetness that I have, now Sudden loss, I am at a loss, I am suffering in thousands of pains every minute and every minute in the damp and dark abyss Wholesale Newport Cigarettes. My world, I should have nothing, go against the sky, and it really hurts. I am in the abyss. I will never see the light. I still feel very painful and painful. I know that I am most afraid of his cold madness. Why? Why should I treat me like this, I have not hurt him a bit, why should I ignore me when I have no weapons and strength to compete with the world Marlboro Lights Cigarettes, I want to put me to death. In the dreams, the trees are distorted and embarrassed, but even the dreams make my heart tremble and tears flow. I don't hate it, but time tells me, I will never forgive me once, and I will be humiliated Marlboro Red 100S Carton. I can straighten my back and let them fight with their swords and swords. They are not afraid. Once they were accused by thousands of people, I also set off. The body, tightly holding the precious piece I want to protect, does not retreat. Once, in the long river of wind and rain, I struggled alone, bearing alone, tears and blood, swallowed into the stomach, eyes flashing, is barely strong and strong. When I was in the sky, I was afraid of it? When I was in the sky, I had given up? I never gave it. But when the big tree wants to smash my body, the most thoughts that flash in my mind are just that it��s better to die in the moonlight and dry the tears. Even the nightingale seems to feel that I am affectionate, that I am, and that all futures The goodness is tied to the foreign objects, and I hope to have some retribution. I am eager to see the great blessings that I can not suffer. The end of the life is only a piece of ruin. This life is cold and cold, this body, crossing the ocean, from the future, the world is falling, lonely Clear. No longer hope, no longer hope, no greed, no sorrow, this place is a mess, and cherish. Because this is the only motivation that will make you stronger, though, my world will have no light Marlboro Cigarettes Sale.
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