targeted flooring products

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targeted flooring products

Postby dreamgofashion » Thu Jul 19, 2018 4:20 am

<p>As the real estate market is once again hot, the decoration market is also 'hot'. <a href=''>exterior timber stairs prefabricated</a>At the same time, consumer complaints about building and decorating materials are also rising, especially for solid wood flooring. It is understood that including the 'wood floor laying personnel technical requirements', plastic screens for patios'ground radiant floor heating laying technical specifications' and 'wood flooring laying large-scale construction technical conditions' and </p>
<p>other specifications of the national standards of the flooring industry are drafting.<a href=''>cheapest plastic decking boards</a> The relevant departments stated that complaints about the quality problems after the laying of solid wood flooring are the most concentrated, and that it is difficult for the responsible parties to define them, hollow decks cost approx sq ftcausing difficulties for mediation. According to investigations, at present, more than 40% of the complaints caused by wood flooring complaints are caused by </p>
<p>laying construction standards; 30% use inferior accessories: wet floors,<a href=''>cheap scalloped trellis top fence panels</a> keel moisture is too high, poor quality paint, etc.; 10% on-site maintenance is improper; 20% is the quality of floor processing. (Deng Xu)Reporter Wang Xiaotao reported that on April 26, the 'New Trends and New Choices' all a board composite wood deckjointly organized by the Flooring Professional Committee of the China Forest Products Industry Association and the Wood Industry Research </p>
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