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group of machinery

Postby dreamgofashion » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:42 am

years from the world investigation group of machinery of the lumber of more than 30 countries, forestry is in pair of China after the lumber market of halfway area makes an on-the-spot Good sound-absorbing effect wpc floor investigation, think, chinese lumber market still needs to strengthen the following the improvement of 6 respects: It is the level that major of market leader, main travelling merchant and foreign language should reach as can

direct as international dialog; 2 it is balcony plastic flooring Aberdeen lumber market trades breed should more rich and colorful, form a complete set of breed, norms is complete, should increase forest industry machine and its fittings especially this kind of breed related to wooden industry treatment; 3 it is the market should establish acting orgnaization, the product of facilitating abroad agent trades in the market; 4 it is the building a round rail fence product standards

inside the market presses demarcate of international standard standardization; 5 it is to trade spatial construction is multi-purpose structure of big canopy of fireproof colour steel, avoid to use bright internal heat as far as possible; 6 be build or use the warehouse that keep tax. Lumber of Shanghai area development lightweight composite floor decking trades market potential is tremendous, but Shanghai and even area of whole Hua Dong do not
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