Bamboo Flooring Powered

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Bamboo Flooring Powered

Postby dreamgofashion » Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:18 am

<p>that B\u0026Q's floor prices will remain stable over time. According to the person in charge of B\u0026Q, B\u0026Q has had a negative impact on its own profit, but from the long-term perspective of brand development, this is the most effective strategy for winning the market.<a href="">plastic wooden wall panels singapore</a> International purchasing background makes prices more advantageous B\u0026Q owns hundreds of building materials chain stores around the world, which is an important factor in the competitive advantage of B\u0026Q. Wei Zhe, president of B\u0026Q China, </p>
<p>stated that taking China as an example, from June 1999 to early 2005, B\u0026Q��s floor purchases on the Chinese market had increased by about 60 times, and as the scale continues to expand, it will save 10 The %-15% floor purchase cost, plus the direct purchase from the manufacturer, will reduce the floor cost by about 25%. Meanwhile, <a href="">composite decking white uae airlines</a>with the improvement of the nationwide distribution logistics system, B\u0026Q has already achieved cross-regional allocation of floor logistics. It will also greatly reduce the purchase price </p>
<p>cost. At present, Baianju mainly sells several types of flooring products such as solid wood flooring,<a href="">monarch decking installation guide</a> engineered wood flooring, reinforced wood flooring, and bamboo flooring. The person in charge of B\u0026Q (China) believes that solid wood flooring is mostly sourced from virgin forests and has poor resource reproducibility. Therefore, the large demand for solid wood flooring can easily cause large-scale destruction of forest resources. The solid wood floor and the hardwood floor are comparable to the solid wood floor in both the </p>
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