Seeking Career Advice...

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Seeking Career Advice...

Postby SJeremyHicks » Sat Jun 25, 2016 1:36 pm

I am looking for some career help, and I thought I would check in here.
First, a short background on me:

I am 39 years old, I have a wife and two sons, and I work full time at a building supply company – been working there 18 years.
It’s never what I wanted to do, but somehow got sucked in, and stuck.
In 2007, I made up my mind that I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a comic artist or illustrator. I began going to school part time, juggling family and work, and eventually earned my Bachelor in Media Arts and Animation in 2013.
Three years later, I’ve continued working for the construction supply company. Miserable and hating every moment of it. I continue though, because I have yet to find a way to earn enough money off of my art to support a family and pay the bills. I dread work every day, but I go.

Now, ultimately, my dream job would be to work from home as an illustrator. Freelance, contract, full time, multiple part time positions, anything. I’m certainly not looking to “get rich”, I just want to make enough of a living to pay the bills, which is all I’m looking for.
I WANT to work for it, and I am no stranger to sacrifice. I’m not a slacker, I’m not lazy. I work hard, dedicated, and driven. I am educated and talented.
But where do I start? What steps should I take?
I have a family to consider, and I can just walk out of my job (as much as I'd love to).
How can I earn enough to pay the pills, provide for my family, and do what I love?
I really want to succeed, but how?
Thank you all so much, and any advice would be most appreciated.

- Jeremy
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