Dealing with non-payment

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Dealing with non-payment

Postby laurelobrien » Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:01 pm

I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so forgive me. I took a flatting job, and was asked to send an invoice. I sent one by attached pdf, as well as the paypal address the amount could be made to. After 2 weeks of no response, I started nudging politely, and then more flatly, and after a month and a half - nothing. Am I just screwed out of it? I never made a contract or agreement because I'm inexperienced and it seemed unnecessary when everyone I've worked with from this site has been so lovely.
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Re: Dealing with non-payment

Postby Eagle » Wed Oct 01, 2014 1:50 pm

No need for PDFs. Paypal has a Send Invoice function that lets you send reminders and the person receiving it can just press a button to pay the exact amount.

As for not getting paid... I tend to talk it out with the person. If they're having trouble getting me the full amount, they can send part of it. Then you cancel the invoice, copy it, add an item that's described as something like "Partial Payment [date]" and the amount of the payment with a - in front, which subtracts that amount from the total. You can keep or print the resulting email notifications you receive for your records, as needed.

If they refuse to even discuss it with you at all for a few months... You're fucked. I hope it wasn't a big job and I hope you have other work in the meantime. :/

After a while and many unanswered attempts at reminding them, you can always name and shame them on a forum like this, but that always carries a cost to your ability to get more work later. It's a stupid paradox. You're the one getting screwed and the asshole still manages to hurt you again with social stigma.

I try to build relationships with the people I work. If you don't like how they interact with you, it may be emotionally safer to bail.

There's no real recourse. The courts can't do anything for you, unless they live down the street from you, and even then it's more of a hassle than the money's worth in the end. It's not an easy business. There's no real rules besides be the person you would want to work with and hope you get with people who feel the same.

To anyone who's having trouble paying their flatters:

Fucking talk to them. Work something out. Don't disappear. Disappearing without saying anything is bullshit. Grow the fuck up, you fucking coward.
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