d choose up a number of pairs

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d choose up a number of pairs

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Animals > Pets > Pet CareMemory Disorders: Tips for At-Home Caregivers
Posted by AlzCottages in Animals on April 30th Jurickson Profar Rangers Jersey , 2017

It is estimated that more than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. That figure doesn’t take into account the thousands of others living with different memory disorders. This can lead to discussions about whether to continue to care for loved ones at home or to look into care at a residential care facility.

Making the decision to provide home care for a loved one can prove to be a deeply meaningful experience for everyone involved. Having strategies in place to help address symptoms, provide support and enable respite time for caregivers is also important. Here are a few tips that can help at-home caregivers in their quests to keep loved ones in their own surroundings longer while promoting a safe and healthy environment for everyone:

Take advantage of resources offered –Foundations dedicated to memory disorders offer a wealth of information and resources for people living with these conditions and their caregivers. Take advantage of the articles, chat rooms and advice made available for caregivers. The Alzheimer’s Association even offers a help line that is staffed around the clock to provide caregivers support when they need it the most. The number to call is 1-800-272-3900.
Join a support group – When a loved one is living with a memory disorder Shin-Soo Choo Rangers Jersey , families often find themselves in a perpetual state of bereavement. The loved one is still present, but the person he or she was only a few years in the past may be slowly fading. Caregivers often find that support groups enable them to voice their grief, express their emotions and recharge their batteries so they may provide the support their loved ones need. The Cottages offers support groups at all of their locations. Click here to find one near you. ENTER LINK TO SUPPORT GROUP FROM WEBSITE.
Seek out respite care – Working with respite care providers is an excellent way to make sure caregivers’ needs are not overlooked. Taking time off for work Joey Gallo Rangers Jersey , recreation or simply to reflect can be crucial. Respite programs that are staffed by highly trained professionals can give caregivers the precious time they need to take care of themselves while ensuring a loved one living with a memory disorder is properly tended to, as well.
Know when to ask for help – Memory disorders tend to be progressive, which means symptoms will advance over time. At-home care can be important for a loved one and entire family in the early stages Delino DeShields Jr. Rangers Jersey , but full-time help will likely become necessary down the road. Finding a residential memory care facility in advance that treats your loved one with compassion and respect will help with the transition. As symptoms progress, this can be an important way to ensure a high level of care continues.
Caring for a family member or friend living with a memory disorder is a labor of love. Resources are available to assist.


About Author
The Cottages have been operating in Texas since 1997 and are family owned and operated by The Cottages Senior Living. The Cottages are state-of-the-art certified assisted living residences for people living with Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders.

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