ears, and I’ve by no means had an issue through it

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ears, and I’ve by no means had an issue through it

Postby liyifeng321 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:38 pm

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The only actor was a bit of a dissapointment was Roger Allam as Illyrio Mopatis but maybe he just didn’t have time to shine in 2 scenes he had. Direwolves are great – cute and playful but when there is need for some throat-ripping action they do it realistically. CGI has been seamlessly woven into actual scenes and I love how every region has its own colours pallet. Pacing of the episodes was good, scenes connect fluidly and it doesn’t feel awkward that the action moved from Winterfell to across the Narrow Sea. The ending of the first episode came in a blink of an eye and second one went by fast as well. A lot of scenes were already shown in the trailers and previews but some rather enjoyable ones were great to see in their full length. After the screening was over I asked an acquaintance who I knew hasn’t read the books of his opinion. He said even though he is everything but a fan of the fantasy genre he gave it a chance and he really liked it. He did say he was struggling to keep up with all the connections between characters a bit but not too much to make it a nuisance. I think producers did a good job with presenting the character background to those who haven’t read the novels as they didn’t swarm them with too much information all at once. For example, a fact that Jamie is a Kingslayer is mentioned only in a second episode and in first two episodes Nymeria and Lady are the only direwolves which are named. And now a bit of a warning for parents who are thinking about letting their children watch the series. I am not a parent and my youngest sibling is teenager so the decision is up to you but I wouldn’t let children under the age of 13 to watch this. It isn’t just because of the nudity James Conner Jersey , sex and violence – it is because of the nature of these scenes. Daenerys sex scenes can easily be categorized as a rape and are a bit hard to swallow. If you watched other HBO series this is much more violent and gruesome then anything you have seen in Rome or True Blood – maybe because it feels so realistic. It isn’t something that would drive me away from watching the series and every violent scene has a reason to be there for character or plot development.

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