ects a success in the debut in the E

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ects a success in the debut in the E

Postby tujue » Fri Jan 11, 2019 10:12 pm

BRATISLAVA, June 10 (Xinhua) -- Slovakia expects a success in the debut in the Euro 2016 in France.

Qualifying for the first time in history to the European Football Championship, the "Slovak eagles" want to repeat the result from World Cup in South Africa, when they advanced from group stage after a surprising win against Italy 3-2 in 2010.

"The feeling of responsibility prevails in us because we do not want to disappoint Slovak fans. I believe that our performance at the championship will be satisfactory. Preparations went according to plan, everything depends on the attitude of players," said coach of Slovak team Jan Kozak on Friday.

In group B, Slovakia will face Wales on June 11, Russia on June 15 and England on June 20.

Slovakia, ranked 24th in the FIFA ranking, is unbeaten in the last eight games, including a 2-1 win over Spain and a 3-1 win over Germany.

Bookmakers, however, give out an average bet on 120:1 for Slovakia as the possible European Champion. But the right defender Peter Pekarik believes in success in France.

"The biggest strength of our team is, without doubt, an amazing team spirit. Players hang out together after every match and get on really well. Also, our coach Jan Kozak is perfect. He has used a perfect blend of experienced and also young and talented players," Pekarik said.

Several airlines will dispatch special flights from M.R. Stefanik Airport in Bratislava in connection with France.

"Due to the championship, eight charter flights from Bratislava airport are planned to head to the cities of Bordeaux, Lyon, Lille and Clermont-Ferrand, with nine arrivals from these cities," confirmed airport spokesperson Veronika Sevcikova.

According to Sevcikova, the number of charter flights could still change depending on tour operators' orders.

"In addition, fans can make use of regular flights from Bratislava airport to Paris-Beauvais, which take place three times a week - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, " added Sevcikova. Enditem

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